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This project is a C extension that wraps the GNU Barcode project using SWIG. The Gbarcode version coincides with the GNU Barcode version, the source of which is distributed along with the gem, as barcode is not usually installed as a dynamically loaded library on most systems. You should not need SWIG to be installed to use this gem, only if you wish to muck around with the SWIG interface file. See README_SWIG.txt for more information. This library is distributed under the GPL, see LICENSE.txt. For recent changes, see CHANGELOG.txt


Install gnu barcode on your system. You can do this using macports, homebrew or from source from the GNU Barcode website.

Install the GEM as usual:

            gem install gbarcode
If this does not work for some reasone, then it means that you installed GNU barcode libraries to someplace funny. You will need to give the dir to the gem command:
            gem install gbarcode -- --with-barcode-dir=/path/to/gnu/barcode/install/dir


Usage documentation is avaliable here.