Last Update: Tue Apr 03 15:10:06 -0400 2007

SWIG Wrap of GNU Barcode

  • WARNING: If you edit the barcode.i file and re-wrap the C code, you will lose the docs I put in the source, as well as make some dangerous methods public! *

SWIG ( was used to wrap the GNU Barcode C library ( into Ruby.

The SWIG interface file +ext/barcode.i+ may be found in the extension folder. The resulting Ruby C extension module can is +ext/barcode_wrap.c+ and the resulting dynamic lib module is in ext/cgbc.<ext> where <ext> is specific to the installed platform.

The SWIG command line used was:

        swig -ruby -autorename barcode.i

See the SWIG docs for more information on how to modify the interface file.